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Pure Calcium Cored Wire

To reduce nozzle clogging;calcium in steel after another,long strips of sulfide inclusions can be avoided. To improve the steel of anisotropy.

With the help of wire feeding machine, cored wire is rapidly input, melted and dissolved in the depth of the steel liquid, which plays the role of deoxidation, desulfurization and inclusion removal. At the same time, it can fine-tune the composition, improve the yield of metals and rare earth elements, and ensure the stability of the composition. Reduce the amount of precious elements, reduce the refining cost. It is suitable for calcium treatment of molten steel in the process of refining outside the furnace.


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Diameter:13.5土0.5mm horizontal, vertical, internal pumping.

Thickness of steel belt: 0.4mm

Weight strip:170土10g/m

Powder weight: 125±5g/m

Wire weight:290-310g/m

Net weight:1165-1400kg/volume


Size Of Line Volume:Internal diameter:590-600mm;Outer diameter:1070 土20mm;Height:1200mm

Packing: Steel belt binding+waterproof plastic film+external woven bag packing+iron coating(paint).

We can also produce according to the specifications provided by customers.

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