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Inoculant Cored Wire

Inoculan Cored wire is designed for liquid metal treatment in steel industry, foundries and in other metallurgical production. It can enhance the alloy recovery significantly, reducing the smelting costs , shorten the smelting time and control component accurately.

Inoculan Cored wire plays the role of purifying liquid steel and partially changing the nature and shape of inclusions. At the same time ,it can improve steel quality and improve the casting condition.

Specification can be customized by the request of customers.

Cored Wired specifications

Size of inside the coil:0-6mm,0.5-4mm75%min.

Typical Free Coil dimensions for 13mm diameter(+0.8mm-0).

Thickness of coil dimension:0.3-0.45mm.

Weight of materials:230-250g/m.

Item Chemical Composition(%)


Mg Si Ca RE Ba Ti Sb Fe
Inoculant Cored Wire 68-72 proper 4-6
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