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Calcium Silicon Cored Wire

1. Cored wire is helpful adjust and control the content of oxidized elements and trace elements. It can enhance the alloy recovery significantly, reducing the smelting costs , shorten the smelting time and control component accurately.

2. Cored wire plays the role of purifying liquid steel and partially changing the nature and shape of inclusions. At the same time ,it can improve steel quality . and improve the casting condition.

3. Cored wire have two kinds of the internal and external means pumping style. Feeding-line required machinery is simple. Small footprint ,in particular the internal cored wire can adapt to the venue where is narrow.


Technical Parameter

Size and shape: 13土0.5mm,16土0.5mm


Diameter:13.5±0.5mm horizontal, vertical, internal pumping.

Thick strip:0.4mm

Weight strip:170±10g/m

Powder weight:≥250g/m

Wire weight:410-430g/m

Net weight:1.5T/volume


Size of Line Volume:Internal diameter:590-600mm;outer diameter:1200-1300mm;width:6400mm

Packing: Steel belt binding+waterproof plastic film+external woven bag packing+iron coating(paint).

We can also produce according to the specifications provided by customers.

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