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Electrode Paste

Electrode Paste low ash, stable quality electrode. The electrode paste used in calcium carbide and ferroalloy has good conductivity.

Electrode Paste is used in closed electric smelting furnace as continuous self-baking electrode to produce calcium carbide and ferroalloy. During the furnace operation, electrode paste acts as current conductor.


Packaging Detailspacking: 1 M.T jumbo bag

Loading: 20ton/20GP

Item Specification
Ash 4.0%max 5.0%max 6.0%max 7.0%max 9.0%max 11.0%max
VM 12.0%-15.5% 12.0%-15.5% 12.0%-15.5% 9.5%-13.5% 11.5%-15.5% 11.5%-15.5%
Compress Strength 18.0Mpa Max 17.0Mpa Max 15.7Mpa Max 19.6Mpa Max 19.6Mpa Max 19.6Mpa Max
Specific Resistance 65μΩm Max 68μΩm Max 75μΩm Max 80μΩm Max 90μΩm Max 90μΩm Max
Bulk Density 1.38G/CM3 Min 1.38G/CM3 Min 1.38G/CM3 Min 1.38G/CM3 Min 1.38G/CM3 Min 1.38G/CM3 Min
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